Refund and Returns

Happiness Guarantee

We promise to make sending and receiving our flowers and gifts a joy. So if something is not 100% perfect, our Customer Delight team will always go the extra mile to make it right.

Mater Florist goes above and beyond to source the very best flowers for our customers. Our reputation depends on it. However, we are dealing with a natural product and on rare occasions, this product may not meet expectations.

You can generally expect your flowers to last from 3 -7 days provided they are cared for correctly. If you have any quality concerns about your flower delivery please contact us within 24hours of delivery.  Please note that we will request a photo of the flowers so we can review the quality.  We will always go the extra mile to make sure you are 100% happy.

We are always available to talk on (07) 3163 1855 to answer any of your concerns or questions regarding the care of your flowers.

Flower Care

We hope these flowers and/or plants have brightened your day, now to make them last as long as possible!

Once you have unwrapped the flowers carefully from the packaging, trim stems diagonally about 2cm from the base prior to [placing in clean cool water.  Take special care to remove all leaves that are underwater, as they contain bacteria that may spoil the water, as well as your flowers.

When caring for your boxed floral arrangement, the floral foam needs to be topped up with fresh water, to ensure flowers are well hydrated.

Don’t position flowers in direct sunlight or heat, or heat generating appliances.  Some flowers will last longer than others, so make sure you remove the spent blooms and refill the vase with fresh water daily.

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